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Tips for an eco-friendly holiday

There are simple things that you can do while you stay on Magnetic Island that will make a big difference, and also be rewarding. Here are some tips, but if you think of any others we'd love to hear from you:

  1. Turn off your air conditioner when you leave your accommodation. It’ll only take 5 minutes to cool down once you return.

  2. Please don’t drive on the beach. Turtles and birds nest in the sand dunes.

  3. Take care when driving! Our wildlife can pop up at a moment’s notice any time of the day or night. Keep an eye out for slow moving animals like koalas, echidnas and curlews.

  4. Be a wildlife warrior and call MIFCO on 0457 634 732 if you see an injured animal on the road, or contact Magnetic Island Network for Turtles via Facebook if you see injured turtles on the beach.

  5. Feed the Rock Wallabies the correct food to keep them healthy and happy.

  6. Refill your water bottle for FREE!

  7. Having a party? Rinse and recycle your 10c return bottles and donate to one of our local volunteer organisations: Zero Waste Magnetic Island, MIFCO, Wallaby Refuge and MINT. Visit and look for the ‘What To Recycle Where Chart’ for drop off locations and 10c container return details, including at the side of C&K Kindergarten opposite Lilac St in Nelly Bay.

  8. Use your own cup to take away your coffee.

  9. Head out and hike around Magnetic Island. Discover our hiking and bush walk trails.

  10. Love beach combing? Take an extra bag and hunt for plastics and other marine debris.

  11. Visit the Op Shop in Nelly Bay for clothing, books and other handy items.

  12. Dispose of your rubbish in the bin (recycle where possible), and not at the beach or in the bush.

  13. Get your hands dirty helping the National Park Volunteers remove weeds from our National Park. For information contact Carolyn Dixon at

  14. Check our Eco Watch calendar to find out when turtles and birds are nesting, and when koalas and reptiles are on the move,





Slow moving animals like echidnas are hard to see on the road. Photo by Ethan Mann.

Injured Wildlife

If you’ve found an animal in need of rescuing please call the

MIFCO Rescue Hotline:  0457 634 732

Curlew-chicks copy.jpg

Feeding Rock Wallabies Healthy Treats!


The best places to find rock wallabies are at the end of old jetty road in Arcadia, (the road opposite the Arcadia Village Hotel pool), and along the Presto Breakwater, opposite the ferry terminal in Nelly Bay.

Although feeding wallabies is often advertised, we would prefer the wallabies and other wildlife on the island to forage for their own food. If you have the ‘need to feed’, we ask that you feed rock wallabies ONLY the proper food, in small scattered amounts and not in large heaps. Incorrect food can cause major health problems and lead to their death.


  •  Carrots

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Rock melon

  • Apples

  • Paw paw

  • Wallaby pellets

X Avocado or lettuce
X Bread
X Cabbage, broccoli, brussell sprouts or cauliflower
X Guava
X Meats or potato

Feeding Rock Wallabies

Refill for FREE!

Save buying that extra plastic bottle and refill your water at a number of places around Magnetic Island for FREE!

View the Magnetic Island Water Refill Stations Map.


For more information on recycling and our Zero Waste inititatives, visit the Zero Waste Magnetic Island website.

Water Refill

Eco Watch - What's happening each month?

FEBRUARY TO AUGUST is echidna breeding season so you may see them out and about. In breeding season a female echidna will be followed by many males called a ‘train’.



  • Koalas are on the move looking for a mate. Please observe from a distance. Don’t go near koalas as they get extremely stressed when people come too close.

  • Nesting birds. If you find a chick, note where the nest and parents are. If the nest is destroyed or you are unable to return the chick, call the Rescue Hotline.

  • Reptiles are coming out of hibernation.


NOVEMBER is turtle nesting season.


Wallabies and possums are mainly nocturnal, always on the move, and continually breed. Please drive carefully.

Eco watch
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