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MAPS of Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island Walking Trail Map


Print/download Magnetic Island Walking Trails Map

Magnetic Island National Park Map


See our Hiking and Bush Walks page for detailed information

Businesses by bay

Legend S22.jpg
Horseshoe Bay Business Finder Map E24.jpg
Arcadia Business Finder Map E24.jpg
Nelly Bay Business Finder Map E24.jpg
Picnic Bay Business Finder Map E24.jpg
Picnic Bay Map
Nelly Bay Map
Arcadia Map
Horseshoe Bay Map

Snorkelling & Diving Map

Snorkelling Map.jpg
Snorkelling & Diving Map

Heading out to the reef, anchoring or fishing?

Before visiting the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, make sure you’re familiar with the zoning rules. Non-compliance with zoning rules can have serious environmental impacts and compromise the Reef's health. Significant penalties will apply if you break the rules (i.e.: $2,100 if you fish in a Green Zone). Use a zoning map to help you with the rules and avoid a fine.

GBRMPA Zoning Map.jpg
Know Your Zones.jpeg

Download the Eye On The Reef app
Download this free app to access and understand zoning rules in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

  • Shows what zone you're in and what's allowed

  • Works outside of mobile range

  • Use it on a smartphone or tablet

Boating, mooring & fising map
Top 40 Things To Do on Magnetic Island.png

From hiking trails and the best snorkelling or sunset spots, to entertainment, discover 40 things to do on Magnetic Island!

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